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Yarric House

Northern corner of House Northern corner of House Brett Boardman Photography

David Haertsch Architect

NSW & ACT Entries 2011

The owners expressed a strong desire for a house made largely from solid timber and so the design was developed with a structure and cladding made entirely of Australian hardwoods.

In order to achieve a close relationship between the ground plane and the living planes, the house was built over a series of reinforced concrete block retaining walls which became higher to the south so that the timber floor structure could be kept clear of the ground, ventilated and able to be inspected for termites.

The substructure of walls permitted a rigid structure of post and beam portals to be bolted to it which allowed clear spans, minimal sizes and openness through the principal rooms of the house.

Because the house was located a long way from the city, the original intention of the construction was to prefabricate all the timber elements in a workshop in Sydney and then assemble them on site. However it proved economical to use a small a shipping container as a workshop on site, mill all the elements which could be partially prefabricated on the ground and assemble everything by using a small bobcat to lift and hold each post and beam in place where it was bolted together. This proved to be the quickest and simplest means of getting the structure up. It had the added benefit of permitting ongoing work on fashioning the structural elements in the workshop on wet days.

The wooden aesthetic gives a strong sense of calmness and peace in all the rooms. Its open frame draws the outside in to the house mediating the view from the foreground to the horizon. Externally, the house sits comfortably in a meadow in continuity with the ground plane around it .
Entered into:
  • Residential Class 1 New Buildings, 2011

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