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Village of Boutiques

Village of Boutiques, Brisbane Village of Boutiques, Brisbane Tony Phillips

Geyer Pty Ltd

Queensland Entries 2010

Solid and veneered timber products were used extensively throughout the project, from custom-made timber-framed glazed doors, to flooring, feature ceilings and joinery units.

Select grade, back-sawn, solid Australian Blackbuttt was used in the fabrication of custom-designed full-height sliding and pivot doors throughout the tenancy. Similarly, this same material was used for flooring – ‘Slimwood Solid Timber Flooring’, supplied by Boral; and, feature suspended ceilings in the reception and public areas. The feature ceiling was fabricated from 100mm wide x 19mm thick, select grade, back-sawn Blackbutt solid planks, fixed on edge to a suspended steel furring channel proprietary system. The bottom edge of the solid sections was articulated with a 3mm x 3mm grove, rebated into the material. The planks span across the ceiling area in a linear, gridded manner to provide a visual ceiling-line whilst maintaining an open area to the ceiling plenum above for the delivery of services such as air-conditioning registers, evacuation speakers and the like. Ceiling mounted services were fully integrated into the timber ceiling by way of custom-designed infill pieces, fabricated from the same material.

Balckbutt veneered panels were also used as decorative wall treatments and joinery finishes, where large, flat surfaces were required.
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  • Interior Fitout – Commercial (e.g. offices, shops, building foyers, etc), 2010
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