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NSW & ACT Entries 2010

The project was the fitout of a new bar in Sydney. The bar aimed to provide a contemporary feel with a Japanese inspired interior, utilising all natural materials, and timber in particular. Organic shapes and flowing curves added to the laidback feel, with custom built-in joinery providing unique spaces and experiences for clientele.
The timber used throughout was Spotted Gum, with over 5 tonnes of solid timber and 200m2 of veneer in the joinery, and a further 8km of profiled solid timber slats as wall/ceiling cladding.
The defining feature of the interior are the curved surfaces present in all furniture and joinery items - quite a challenge on a vertical surface when using solid timber. Fifty different moulds were required to create the shapes, often to be used just once in the design. The biggest challenge came when constructing the 28m long solid timber bar, which curves around in two half-circles at either end. 2400 x 200 x 50mm planks of solid timber were cut into 5mm thick 'veneer' leaves, which were then sanded flat and pressed together to form a quarter-circle with a radius of 2800mm. After planing the edges square, three of these shapes were then edge glued to make a quarter-circle curve 600mm high, which were in turn joined to the section of timber that formed the bar top.
Another challenge was the solid timber frame for the 11m long light installation which featured two half-moon spherical discs at either end. Not only was the sphere required to curve in two-dimensions, the need to accommodate expansion and contraction of the wood led to innovative solutions for assembly.
The project was a fantastic collaboration between client, designer and manufacturer.
Entered into:
  • Interior Fitout – Commercial (e.g. offices, shops, building foyers, etc), 2010
  • Best Use Of Wood Veneers, 2010
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