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Tinbeerwah Residence

Tinbeerwah Residence Aperture Architectural Photography

Richard Kirk Architect

Queensland Entries 2011

The Tinbeerwah Residence is a semi-rural retreat located in the Sunshine Coast hinterland for an international Client.

The design of the residence continues our commitment to simplicity of form and planning. There is a great emphasis on material qualities, with a shared commitment between the Client and Architect to produce a residence that will age and improve over time.

Siting of the residence has been carefully considered to respond to environmental conditions, and to control the transition from the designed landscape of the residence to the natural bushland beyond.

The materiality of the dwelling is defined by an exterior and interior skin. The external zinc clad skin acts as a robust barrier to the elements wrapping and folding to protect the inner skins that are generally made of bespoke timbers employed as facade systems and cladding layers. The internal skin is comprised of a number of timbers selected for their durability and colour. The timber is tailored like a bespoke piece of joinery to the specific requirements of the spaces and the spaces are treated in a similar manner whether internal or external.

The exterior cladding is largely custom profile Western Red Cedar which continues seamlessly into the interior. Western Red Cedar is sustainable and durable making it suitable for the climate of the Sunshine Coast. The distinguishing feature of the timber is its ability to reach a silver coloration through the weathering process.

Hemlock ceilings in the internal space establish a dialogue with the Western Red Cedar cladding. Both timbers possess similar properties however Hemlock has been purposely selected to lighten the interior spaces while providing the warmth of a timber lined interior. In addition, Silver Ash is used extensively as internal wall panels and bespoke cabinetwork.
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  • Residential Class 1 New Buildings, 2011

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