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The Boulevard

The Boulevard The Boulevard Acorn Photography

Taylor Robinson Architects

WA Entries 2011

The primary objectives in the refurbishment of this pub were to improve the flow in and around the venue, make better use of its outdoor space and imbue it with a more relaxed ambience. Timber has been a strong element, as a means of providing continuity internally and externally, providing a variety of warm and textured finishes, and as space defining device.

The once exposed outdoor area now offers an inviting presence to the street as well as a sense of containment by a series of plywood and solid Marri screen walls and shade structures. These needed to be detailed delicately and economically to be visible from both sides and staggered to allow views in and out.

A step up to some sections of Blackbutt decking defines more intimate pockets, including an amoebic shaped walled garden at the heart of the courtyard.

Two plywood clad objects have been introduced to the existing building fabric softening the once abrupt edges. These dark stained ‘pods’ now define a more cohesive series of inter-related spaces. These organic forms are mirrored internally with large raw vertical LVL beams positioned to sculpturally define the space.

The LVLs are notched with a playful rhythm that leads the eye around the venue. They form a strong backbone to the bar, giving it a strength and a transparency with the focus on an extensive wine display. They also form custom made glazed pivot doors and portals to a fully tiled tunnel that provides a dramatic ‘short cut’ between the spaces.

Marri features throughout in the floors, ceilings and bespoke furniture. Acoustic considerations prompted the use of timber in the ceilings. A striking wall of cut Oregon blocks, provides a robust yet textured backdrop to the venue.
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2011 Entries

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