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The Birdcage

The Birdcage The Birdcage Jessica Maurer

Bureau SRH

NSW & ACT Entries 2011

Winner of The Interior Fitout Award – Residential, 2011

Winner of The Timber Flooring Award, 2011

The residence is conceived as two elements; a solid concrete base which is the entry to the home and a perforated brass and timber box which is the private areas of the home. Between these two contrasting cool and warm elements is a negative space that forms an open living platform.

The floor joists exposed to the living platform are Douglas Fir LVLs lightly sanded but still branded and unsealed. These LVLs span over six metres, and at one end are hung from a steel truss that spans 15metres, and cantilevers 7metres. In order to expose the floor joists, a 100mm thick layering of floor materials was designed to mitigate noise transfer between floors.

The internal walls and ceilings of the timber box are lined in a low formaldehyde hoop pine with expressed joints and countersunk screw fixings.

The blackbutt floorboards to this level fold down to clad the lift core and stairs, where the treads are a composite blackbutt cladding and Douglas Fir LVLs.

The project concept exposes the building's structure and materials and it is this exposure which gives the home its unique complexity and texture.

Internal Wall & Ceiling Linings:
- Austral 100% plantation grown Hoop Pine Interior A Bond BB Grade, with a Super Eo formaldehyde emissions rating, the lowest rating obtainable.
- Finish Intergrain Ultraclear.

Floor & Ceiling Joists:
- Smart Frame LVL13, A Bond, 772 59 H2S G engineered sheets of thin ultrasonically graded Douglas Fir bonded.
- Unfinished.

Timber Flooring & Lining:
- 60mm Blackbutt Timber Board. Supplier Nash Timbers, from Sustainable Yield State Forrest
- Finish Livos Ardvos Wood Oil

External Deck Boards:
- 60mm Blackbutt Timber Board. Supplier Nash Timbers, from Sustainable Yield State Forrest
- Finish Intergrain Ultradeck

- Western Red Cedar, manufacturer Fewings Joinery
- Finish Intergrain Ultradeck
Entered into:
  • Timber Panels, 2011
  • Engineered Timber Products, 2011
  • Timber Flooring, 2011
  • Interior Fitout, 2011
  • Residential Class 1 New Buildings, 2011

2011 Entries

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