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St Anne's Catholic Church

St Anne's Catholic Church Altar St Anne's Catholic Church Altar

PMDL Architecture + Design & Randall Lindstrom

Victoria Entries 2010

Liturgical Furnishings are by their nature ‘heirloom items’. They are the central symbols of the Church and over time they come to store very important memories for all of the Parishioners. When we design and build Liturgical Furnishings, we do so with a view to a life span of some fifty years or more. Pride in workmanship is of paramount importance in constructing these pieces of furniture, as they require the skills of qualified craftsmen.

The furniture pieces are designed to both embody Christian symbolism and convey a certain mystery - to almost defy logic in their appearance and construction. In addition, the pieces recall the forms of the existing church building. The wedges of the Altar evoke the external buttresses, allowing the top to appear to ‘float’. The Ambo responds to the faceted nature of the building, giving the impression of breaking open at the front - a symbolic representation of ‘breaking open the word’.

The furnishings were constructed using “American Cherry” crown cut. This timber is one of the best furniture timbers available, with an amazing character in the grain in both veneer and solid timber. It is a timber that is very pleasing to work with - a good quality polish finish brings out the effects of the grain even more.

Together with the timber in these units another important component is the marble and granite. For the timber to be integrated with the stone, the stone top and the timber structure must be constructed separately then fitted together as one.

With regard to the reading desk scissor lift housed in the Ambo, considerable engineering thought was given to developing this component, primarily constructed from wood. The scissor lift action raises and lowers the reading material with a minimum of fuss, enabling use by all parishioners, including the disabled.
Entered into:
  • Best Timber Joinery or Furniture Element, 2010
  • Best Use Of Wood Veneers, 2010
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