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Shoreham Residence

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SJB Architects

Victoria Entries 2011

Situated on approximately 20 hectares of land on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula, this holiday house was conceived as a pair of parallel plains suspended over the landscape. Each plain slips horizontally along the contours of the site, maximising views across Western Port Bay from each of the two distinct pavilions.

The rural setting is celebrated by the building’s edge conditions. From the waterside, the articulation responds to the expansive view of the rolling hills and seascape beyond. The external skin was designed to contain maximum operability to allow spaces to flow from inside to out with seamless transition.

The project brief emphasised flexible spaces to accommodate the needs of a large family. The open plan design contains operable panels and dividing joinery so that the areas can be transformed depending on the requirements.

The remote coastal setting demanded the use of robust, natural materials that could withstand the often severe climatic and seasonal environmental changes. It was for this reason that Spotted Gum was selected as an appropriate external material. Whilst each application had a different profile and size, its use included cladding to the front entry and garage doors, wall cladding to the living pavilion, soffit lining to key external areas and exhaust grille covers.

The use of timber was continued internally to ensure a consistent language throughout the entire project. In addition to the use of spotted gum, KD Hardwood was introduced in lieu of plasterboard to several areas. Spotted Gum was used for the cladding the structural columns, kitchen joinery, bar joinery, bathroom joinery and wall cladding. KD hardwood was used to high traffic corridor walls and areas where an increased level of robustness was considered important. Given the house was designed as a beach retreat, attention was given to ensure finishes were not precious or susceptible to damage and as such the family could live in a relaxed environment. The use of timber provided warmth and texture as a counterpoint to the steel and concrete used throughout the remainder of the interior.

The use of timber creates a tactile and textural character to the house. The consistency in the use across floor, wall, ceiling and joinery elements provides a seamless palette both internally and externally.
Entered into:
  • Residential Class 1 New Buildings, 2011

2011 Entries

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