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Circa Morris-Nunn Walker

Tasmania Entries 2011

Winner of The Australian Timber Design Award, 2011

Winner of The Best Southern Region (Tasmania & Victoria) Award, 2011

Winner of The Public or Commercial Buildings Award, 2011

Winner of The Rising Star Award, 2011

From its inception, Saffire was imagined as an iconic project to redefine tourism in Tasmania.

Saffire is a lavish 20 suite resort that appeals to guests' desire to escape and reconnect with nature in a way that doesn’t compromise on expectations of luxury or comfort.

The project site is located within what is extensively a natural coastal landscape on the east coast of Tasmania, overlooking Great Oyster Bay and the Hazard Ranges of Freycinet National Park. It was therefore important that the building relate to this native environment through the use of materials as much as through siting and form.

Timber was an obvious material choice as it not only allowed us to visually reference the surrounding natural vegetation, it also made possible a metaphorically connection to the landscape through the organic forms of the buildings.

Although not visually obvious, timber was critical as a structural component of the project. The complex organic forms of the roofs were only achievable by using timber structural components due to their flexibility and ability to be prefabricated. The main roof consists of repetitive curved laminated timber beams that then received a plywood skin which is the substrate for the outer flexible membrane roof cladding. Spaced Celery Top Pine battens were used as the interior lining of the ceiling because of their visual appearance and ability to form a continuous undulating surface.

As an internal & external material, timber integrates extremely well as it can be manipulated in the way it is used and finished. There is a direct and obvious relationship between the finely finished interior timber finishes (timber ceiling boards, veneered wall panels & joinery), the rough sawn external finishes (woven battened privacy screens & vertical timber boarding) and the natural surrounding vegetation (weathered branches & greyish eucalypts).
Entered into:
  • Timber Panels, 2011
  • Timber as a Structural Element, 2011
  • Engineered Timber Products, 2011
  • Public or Commercial Buildings, 2011

2011 Entries

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