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Queensland Emergency Operations Centre

Exterior View Exterior View John Gollings, Photographer


Queensland Entries 2011

The project incorporates world’s best practice technology for the management of emergency communications and disaster coordination to the state. With extensive use of timber, the architects have created a complex that is simple, efficient and calming, ensuring the most ideal conditions for dealing with the needs and situations handled by staff on a daily basis. The newly built complex is integrated with existing buildings on the site and is designed to create a ‘campus’ feel with landscaped courtyards situated between the complex’s operational buildings. The courtyards feature generous timber decks that provide important recreational or ‘retreat’ spaces for staff away from the Centre’s operational spaces. The choice of recycled hardwood for the timber screens of the decks is a strategy for sustainability that also provides for a calm and enclosing feel to these important break out spaces. The architect's design for the complex makes more than effective provision for a highly technical and exacting brief while also providing humanised spaces appropriate to the look and feel of the subtropical environment in which it is located.
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  • Public or Commercial Buildings, 2011

2011 Entries

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