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Pergola Sonia Mangiapane

fmd architects

Victoria Entries 2011

The project was undertaken in 2 stages. The main extension was undertaken with a registered builder, containing new living spaces. The design was a simple plywood box at the rear of the original house.

The second stage of the brief was to design a pergola which linked the 2 new built forms with the existing garden and established a balanced relationship between the interior and the exterior. The design also needed to be as simple as possible so the client could undertake the building works themselves.

The pergola referenced the Stage 1 extension in its materiality, using the same plywood cladding, however this was then laser cut with a digital pattern to create a visually permeable membrane, allowing light and ventilation into the external room. The pattern draws its origins from common suburban trellis while referencing the decorative examples of pergolas from the 18th and 19th centuries. The use of digital laser cutting techniques allows a modern interpretation of a classical garden structure.

The off cuts from the laser cut panels were then applied to the main extension, creating a positive mould of the perforated template, strengthening the dialogue between the 2 structures.
Entered into:
  • Residential Class 1 Best Renovation, 2011

2011 Entries

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