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Office Development - Surrey Hills


Victoria Entries 2010

Winner of The Engineered Timber Products Award, 2010

.... from a dowdy sixties doctor’s surgery to swank new office building.

This project involved turning a single storey solid brick doctor’s surgery into a two storey modern office building. Part of the architect’s design brief was a suspended polished concrete first floor slab. Preliminary geotechnical investigations indicated that the existing footing system did not have sufficient reserve capacity to support the new concrete slab. Faced with the cost of totally underpinning the perimeter footings, the builder / developer was convinced to utilise a timber concrete composite floor (TCC) to allow construction to proceed without underpinning.

The builder subsequently expressed a desire to construct a light-weight timber frame at first floor level to maximise the use of his commercial carpenters. The finished polished concrete floor was over $40/m2 cheaper than the equivalent concrete slab. The builder was able to pour the concrete floor after the building was locked up, allowing perfect curing conditions.
By utilising all of the timber elements along with the TCC floor, the builder constructed a cost effective building that met the architect’s design brief. The project was not held up by the need to allow the suspended slab to be formed up and subsequently cured prior to constructing the upper storey.

By working with the design team, the builder came in under budget and finished ahead of time. By eliminating the conventional suspended concrete slab, the existing footings could be re-used to support the additional storey without the cost and delays involved in total underpinning.

The result of refurbishment is a stylish office building combining an advanced TCC floor structure, along with a timber wall system that combines the proven fire performance and acoustic properties of the multi residential timber framed construction (MRTFC) system.
Entered into:
  • Best Use Of Timber Panels, 2010
  • Best Use Of Timber as a Structural Element, 2010
  • Best Use Of Engineered Timber Products, 2010
  • Public or Commercial Buildings, 2010
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