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How to build a skyscraper... out of wood E-mail
Sunday, 01 April 2012 00:00
An artist's impression of Michael Green's Tall Wood timber tower
An artist's impression of Michael Green's Tall Wood timber tower
Former Australian Timber Design Awards judge Michael Green recently completed a thought piece design of a high-rise timber tower that he hopes to see built in Vancouver. Rising 30 storeys, the Tall Wood tower, if completed, would be the tallest timber structure in the world.

Michael has made his design publicly available under a Creative Commons License. This bold move has has really grabbed attention, as Michael's design amounts to an instruction manual for building timber high-rises.

With technologies like cross-laminated timber breaking into markets previously dominated by non-timber products, Michael believes that tall wooden buildings may soon capture the interest of architects globally.

"Really we're at the stage where we're able to start to show what's possible, a bit like that Eiffel Tower moment," says Michael. "That was built when no-one used or understood tall structures, but it showed what could be done…"

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To stay abreast of new timber technologies favoured by innovators like Michael, our readers may wish to register for the World Conference on Timber Engineering to be held in Auckland July 15-19.

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