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Multiple Dwelling, Elsegood Ave, Yallingup

Multiple Dwelling, Elsegood Ave, Yallingup Adrian Lambert - Acorn Photo Agency:

JCY Architects & Urban Designers

WA Entries 2010

The secluded region of Yallingup in the south-west region of Western Australia has a unique and special character of architectural styles, yet there has been a long tradition within this coastal region for light weight timber construction and the traditional weatherboard vernacular or timber beach shack. In more recent projects tradition has given way to more diverse architectural styles and forms.

In considering the design for the grouped dwelling in Elsegood Avenue, whilst introducing and exploring architectural forms and a pallet of building materials, it was pertinent to preserve some of the timber traditions synonymous with Yallingup.

The design for the grouped dwelling, encompasses two identically planned dwellings orientated down a steep ward sloping site with a physical separation between the front entries, to create the appearance of two houses when viewed from the street. The houses have been designed to respond to the natural contours, with split level planning and undulating landscaping features bridged with expanses of timber decked boardwalks and jarrah batten privacy screens.

The design of the dwellings combine a solid masonry building ‘base’ providing grounding and site retaining with timber framed construction to the second storey component and roof framing. Timber framed construction allowed for cost effective diversity of building forms.

The external cladding combined flush cedar weatherboard cladding and external grade plywood, doubling to provide effective cross bracing to the timber stud walls and large solid cedar members were used to provide ‘reveal’ and frame design elements. The weatherboard was finished clear to allow the natural colour of the cedar to be enhanced whilst the plywood elements were contrasted with a dark blackened colour stain that amplified the natural timber grain texture.

Elements of the weatherboard clad walls continued uninterrupted through to the internal spaces of the dwellings throughout the entry and timber decking allowed small outdoor retreats from the master bed bathrooms. Timber framed flooring were lined with Kauri boards providing warmth, texture and grain to the guest wing, contrasting against the travertine flooring introduced throughout the main living areas of both houses and natural timber veneered cabinetwork were crafted to compliment each room.
Entered into:
  • Residential Class 1, New Buildings (Single family dwellings/townhouses), 2010
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