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McDonald's Head Office, QLD

Level 2 Breakout space Level 2 Breakout space Scott Burrows

PA Architects

Queensland Entries 2010

In response to the client’s local corporate culture and functions, the design for this new 1410sqm commercial building incorporated the use of timber as a means of expressing the warmth and approachability of the corporation, whilst offsetting the cooler more typically commercial finishes and providing richness to the overall building composition.

The plywood soffit to the large skillion roof introduces a sense of warmth to the Northern facade. Externally, we selected an A grade face veneer (with C grade back and A bond), in order for the plywood to relate more strongly with the interior plywood as it continues into the level 02 ceiling. Internally, the plywood ceiling was A grade face with acoustic perforations, C grade back and C bond. All plywood was specified as E0.

Joinery, furniture and wall cladding throughout the interior was constructed with E0 MDF, clad with NAVLAM prefinished veneer in ‘Sandblasted Oak’ and ‘Arcadian Oak’. Sandblasted oak panels were trimmed and skirted with solid Tasmanian oak, finished with clear satin water based polyurethane.

In the open office area of level one, western red cedar ceiling panels (SCREENWOOD) were used to provide the staff with a sense of natural warmth. Coupled with the internal planting, this element introduces a feeling of wellbeing and calm to the otherwise utilitarian space.

Stair treads and landings were specified as Blackbutt, finished with clear penetrating oil. Blackbutt was selected as a hardwood that could closely match the Tasmanian Oak throughout.

Screening and more sculptural joinery elements, particularly in the staff breakout area were constructed with Tasmanian Oak, and finished with a clear satin water based polyurethane. Tasmanian Oak was selected for its golden colour, clear grade and relative cost effectiveness. These elements provided necessary drama and interest in an area intended for creative collaboration.
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  • Interior Fitout – Commercial (e.g. offices, shops, building foyers, etc), 2010
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