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Maxim Chartered Accountants

Maxim Chartered Accountants Foyer Maxim Chartered Accountants Foyer

Architects Ring and Associates

NSW & ACT Entries 2010

Maxim is a young and vibrant Chartered Accountants with almost 40 employees and an average age of 27.

The first point of contact is the foyer with use of curves to create visual movement and direction for the client.

The Timber used is Sydney Bluegum. Using this timber has created a feeling of warmth apon entry to the foyer and thrughout the whole office.

The reception desk and plinth are formed in concrete as part of the polished concrete floor.

The ceiling is circular coffered with concealed led lighting and a central crystal light floating above the plinth.

The two conference rooms can be one by the use of an operable wall. The foyer area and conference rooms are linked by the use of floating timber beams in the ceiling.

These beams continue to the office areas where they are used to conceal lighting, sprinklers, power and fire. They are also penetrated with 700,000 holes to create an acoustic barrier.

The office is designed with glass paritions and glass sliding doors which create a transparency throughout the floor. This allows the people in offices and workstations to be one.

The kitchen has been designed with colour and graffiti to create a fun space to meet, greet and eat.

The environment is creative, vibrant and exciting yet still slightly conservative to appeal to all clients.
Entered into:
  • Interior Fitout – Commercial (e.g. offices, shops, building foyers, etc), 2010
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