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Kimberley Mahogany Flooring

Kimberley Mahogany - Flooring with two Staircase Designs Kimberley Mahogany - Flooring with two Staircase Designs John Bova Photography

Colonial Floor Sanding and Installations

WA Entries 2010

Kimberley Mahogany was specified by the architect for the flooring and two staircases in mixed grade, short lengths to show the diversity of the timber. Many pieces of Kimberley Mahogany have a three dimensional shimmer when polished, picking up direct and reflected sunlight, unlike any other local sustainably grown plantation timber. The architect's design of a light timber taking advantage of the solar passive aspect, has created a visual 'shifting sands' effect characteristic of the location's overall coastal yet relaxed city lifestyle.

The architect:
“The (council) required this house to be in harmony with its single-storey neighbours. To achieve this and to make the best use of the land led to a three level building with rooms within the roof space, at ground level and, remarkably, more than a third of the building below ground level.
This fitted well with the need to produce a passive solar, low energy consumption building.
Which brings us to the reason for selecting Kimberley Mahogany for the floor finish. Even though the basement level receives plenty of sun and day light it was apparent that psychologically it would not be wise to have a dark floor finish. (The flooring supplier and installer) was asked what sustainably grown plantation, hardwood timber would be light in colour, resistant to termite attack, hard wearing and attractive. His answer, Kimberley Mahogany. It fitted all the requirements for a twenty-first century responsibly designed home.”

The photograph of the boy reading in a courtyard was taken from bedroom 3. The other courtyard photograph with the red pot was taken from the living room. Both of these below ground rooms, highlight Kimberley Mahogany timber's most exquisite design traits of light and warmth, with its pinkish salmon tones blending into the architect's bold use of red upon entry to the home.
Entered into:
  • Interior Fitout – Residential, 2010
  • Best Use Of Timber Flooring, 2010
  • Best Use Of Australian Certified Timber, 2010
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