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Kew House 3

Kew House 3 Kew House 3 Photographer: Robert Hamer

Vibe Design Group

Victoria Entries 2011

The timber elements in this project take on several responsibilities, from structural framing and fencing to hidden doorways and softening the exterior shape, as well as creating a dynamic effect on the front façade.

The spotted gum entry ramp leads to an assembly of silvertop ash timbers with clear glazing over to create a covered entry. Complimenting these spacings are the 40x150 battens at the opposing corner that provide screening to the ensuite window behind. The pop out section of the front façade houses a day bed and upper storey bedroom, with a dynamic textural pattern of silvertop ash battens laid over the base timber.

On entering the home you are met with floor to ceiling veneer panels with a vertical timber grain that makes them appear like the base of a huge tree. The panels wrap an interactive core that houses the cloak, powder room, cellar and integrated kitchen wall. The illusion is maintained by the use of pivot-hinged panels that close with a magnetic catch, eliminating the recognisable characteristics of a traditional door.

The external timber profile also lines the internal lounge room wall, bringing a casual elegance into this space. The flooring is tallowood tongue and groove and the decking is spotted gum, both chosen for their colour and durability. The shape to the rear is injected with a timber battened eave lining to accentuate the diminishing angle that directs your attention to the pool and outdoor spaces.

Wrapping the home in dynamic combinations of timber allowed this project to be truly unique in shape, without feeling unfamiliar given timber’s natural warmth and appeal. The veneer core evokes a journey of discovery whilst the exterior becomes an evolving façade, designed to grey over time.
Entered into:
  • Residential Class 1 New Buildings, 2011
  • Solid Timber Cladding, 2011

2011 Entries

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