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Saltwater Coast Lifestyle Centre

Overall view looking south Overall view looking south Dianna Snape

Victoria Entries 2012

Situated near Point Cook and the Port Phillip Bay shoreline, Saltwater Coast is a new housing subdivision accommodating 4,000 residents.

Within this context, the Lifestyle Centre acts as both community centre and private recreation club for residents. Containing sporting facilities, a café, and multi-purpose function space, the centre encourages a sense of community and ownership amongst locals.

On a prominent corner facing a park, in spite of being surrounded by houses, the facility belongs to the public realm, generating a desire for monumentality.

Both singular and complex, the building is a monolithic, timber clad form that folds and weaves itself in response to views, address, and the wider context. Apertures cut from the façade embrace views of parkland and city beyond.

A restrained palette of timber, glass, and dark bronze lends the building gravitas. Detailing is also restrained and refined, celebrating craftsmanship in a process built environment.

Timber was used as the main cladding material to connect the building to the coastal landscape. The main issue with regards to the timber cladding was longevity in this harsh environment. Spotted Gum (a Class 1 external timber) was the species selected for its durability, rich colour when oiled and texture. The timber was sourced from Australian Forest Certification Scheme forests.

The timber T&G boards were finished in the factory with one coat of Cutek CD50 clear preservative oil before delivery to site. This afforded good protection to the timber during the construction process. Two extra coats of clear oil were applied on site.

As building products progressively become more generic, timber adds the potential for traditional craft to be celebrated in architecture and adds a humanising dimension. As it weathers, timber assists in materially embedding the building in its immediate environment. Further, it is a sustainable product with low embodied energy.
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