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House Shmukler

House Shmukler Brett Boardman

Tribe Studio

NSW & ACT Entries 2011

This house is conceived of as a series of boxes suspended in a large shed-like space.  The private spaces of the house, the bedrooms and bathrooms, hover over the public spaces. Each bedroom is expressed as a box, pulled apart from its fellows creating a series of double height voids. The edges of the private spaces describe the public volumes.

The house is sustainable, affordable and introverted. Because the house is inward looking, the spatial experience needs to be a real reward. The wide range of timber used promotes the key principles of sustainability, affordability and delightfulness.

The clean white boldness of the facade was achieved though timber weatherboards painted white, offering visual respite in the street and alluding to the box concept.

The house uses industrial building technology to create a basic shed with an unexpected and expressive interior. Material choices are made both pragmatically and poetically. The 6mm BB grade hoop pine plywood was selected to brace the steel portal frame and to add warmth, texture and allow the reflected light to take on a golden glow.
A blackbutt handrail and killarney ash (or dunns white gum) timber flooring was used for the stairs and first floor, seamlessly integrating the floor and interior wall surfaces.

The ground floor service spine and first floor hall are organised to insulate the house from the belting afternoon sun, keeping living and sleeping spaces cool in summer. The skylights open, promoting stack effect ventilation.
The volume of the house, in addition to in-wall/ceiling insulation, is used to stabilise comfortable temperatures. 
Entered into:
  • Residential Class 1 New Buildings, 2011

2011 Entries

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