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House in Country NSW

House in Country NSW Marcel Aucar

Virginia Kerridge Architect

NSW & ACT Entries 2011

This house, sited around two existing stone cottages in a spectacular valley, is clad in rough sawn solid recycled ironbark. Large slabs of timber have been used with ironbark battens covering the join between them. These ironbark battens form the language of the building providing a framework (with bronze mesh) around the open deck areas within the building. The doors and windows are also timber.

Internally there is extensive use of blackbutt hardwood ply on all internal joinery apart from the kitchen area. The recycled ironbark is also used internally, but inside it has a smooth finish, which brings out the beauty and richness of the timber. The front and back doors of the house are made of smooth finished recycled ironbark used in an original and bespoke manner. The floors and external deck areas are also made of recycled ironbark, in all areas apart from the bedrooms. The master bedroom ensuite has a timber floor and bath surround.

The use of timber in this project is exceptional because of its suitability to the site; the size of the slabs of timber; and the remarkable workmanship of the timber, to a level rarely seen in building today.

Recycled ironbark was used as it reflects the rich red of the earth in the area; and makes reference to the many ironbark trees occurring naturally in the landscape around the house. Of all the hardwoods, it seems to be the least favoured by termites, which are a problem in the area. In using recycled ironbark, our intent was to design something that had an inextricable link to the site, that would sit comfortably within its context and be composed on the land.
Entered into:
  • Residential Class 1 New Buildings, 2011
  • Timber Flooring, 2011
  • Timber as a Structural Element, 2011
  • Timber Panels, 2011
  • Wood Veneers, 2011

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