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Heiden Beach House, Point Lonsdale

Heiden Beach House 1 Heiden Beach House 1 Ross Bird Photography

Baenziger Coles Pty Ltd

Victoria Entries 2011

The design emulates a passion for quality, aesthetics, functionality and its relationship with the environment.
Timber products featured throughout the project in wide range of uses including structural framing, cladding, flooring, wall lining and a variety of internal and external decorative elements. In many applications the exposed timber elements were left raw to weather or finished in clear protective oils to enhance and preserve the quality of the timbers
Contemporary in its approach, the home responds to and embraces the natural environment at every opportunity. The use of natural materials were chosen to create a relaxed and inviting interior, while the exterior styling emphasises a strong connection with the site and the integration of spatial forms developed within the building envelope. Showcasing sustainable design elements in a discreet and humble manner, the design incorporates numerous passive and active energy saving features.
The integrated approach to the design and detailing of the house is the foundation of the quality and ambience of the internal and external spaces.
The use of natural, honest, local and recycled materials complements the building’s sense of place in the context of the local area, with timber featuring throughout the home. The integration of external timbers within the interiors features on large custom sliding doors, the lounge room ceiling, and the stairway, exuding a sense of natural quality without being ostentatious.
A bevy of sustainable features are inherent in the design including operable skylights to assist with natural ventilation, an eyebrow of suspended western red cedar battens with a specific height, width and spacing to give perfect solar protection and penetration to the bedrooms and large solid timber sliding doors allow areas of the house to be zoned off to control the ambient temperature of the interior.
Entered into:
  • Residential Class 1 New Buildings, 2011

2011 Entries

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