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Hamilton Island Villas

Parkview QLD

Queensland Entries 2010

Architects for the Hamilton Island Yacht Club and Villas, were faced with a range of constraints encompassing design and documentation methodology, and the most appropriate construction concepts in order to realise a complex building form in a remote, island location.

As the site is located within cyclone affected territory, all aspects of the architecture were designed for extreme exposure to the elements, and were required to satisfy a 100 year life span. This necessitated the use of non-corrosive materials and finishes, including a complex design for bespoke copper roofing which could adapt to the curvilinear geometry of the architecture – a major feature of the project.

The design, though visually complex, is derived from a series of single radius, mono-curved shapes, which enabled a repetitive process in fabrication of structural elements, roofing and the internal ceilings. With regard to the villas, the project responds to varying site conditions, leading us to 4 variations in cross section, but incorporates repetition in the modular details of the buildings. The distinctive fanning plan of the villas, responds directly to the foreshore profile, achieving a graceful roofs cape when viewed from all angles.

The integration of ‘pre-finished’ timber internal lining boards, produced from Western Red Cedar, provided the essential, practical, solution to the building constraints on site (as mentioned above). The specific product that was chosen was done so on two levels, first the appearance, durability and emotional presence of the product, and secondly the systematic method of installation, inclusive of the need to ‘not’ contaminate the site with untidy coatings or solvents, as the product was pre-finished off site.

A final consideration was the logistical process in which builder, architect and supplier coordinated to deliver the product to the remote location and facilitate a smooth implementation. The result, spectacular! The realisation of this building project reflects the commitment of the client, but also a passionate collaboration between Builder, Architect and Suppliers to achieve the dream! Now completed, it is extraordinary to recall how this sculptural landmark came into being at all.
Entered into:
  • Resorts, including apartments and aged care, 2010
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