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Freshwater House

Freshwater House Freshwater House Christian Mushenko

Brewster Hjorth Architects

NSW & ACT Entries 2011

The use of timber is integral to the design of the new beach house. The idea of the building is of a weathered timber crate, jetsam tossed upon a rocky headland, providing cave-like shelter below a raised viewing platform.

The heightened contrasts of the beachside setting are developed and interpreted into explorations of the exposed and the screened, solid and lightweight construction and refined and weathered materials.

The architecture explores the possibilities of richness from the contrast between rawness and refinement in the handing of materials.

The building expresses its materiality using a palette of concrete, hardwood, glass and copper left in their raw state. Timber in its raw state is at the core of the external expression of the house.

Recycled Blackbutt is used in precisely milled profiles to achieve an enclosing and decorative screen integrating cladding and structure around the raised upper level platform. This cladding is executed to a very high construction standard.

Spotted gum, also recycled, provides the framing to the extensive double glazed sliding doors and windows, fitted with adjustable screens to control solar access and allow for a flexible connection to the beachside setting, culminating in a hydraulically controlled 3m wide awning window.

Spotted Gum is also used on the interior with T&G profiles to solid timber joinery doors, upper level floors and ground floor ceiling to provide a secure and robust character to the interior.

Timber veneers provide a highly finished contrast to the raw palette of insitu concrete and terrazzo to the interior. Radial cut Oregon is used on ceilings and cupboards throughout, with a reconstituted veneer product, Eveneer veneer, in an ebony colour used as contrast in highlight shelving units.

All timber is clear finished with a range of products chosen for their serviceability and ease of maintenance.

Detailing is closely considered to allow for weathering and movement in the tough coastal environment, and to achieve smooth and comfortable finishes to the interior.
Entered into:
  • Residential Class 1 New Buildings, 2011
  • Solid Timber Cladding, 2011
  • Recycled Timber, 2011

2011 Entries

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