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Flower Power, Rushcutters Bay Park

Grandstand Ancillary Buildings Grandstand Ancillary Buildings By Architect

Lacoste + Stevenson Architects

NSW & ACT Entries 2011

The refurbishment of The Reg Bartley Oval Grandstand, the addition of 3 new amenities buildings and kiosk, all within Rushcutters Bay Park, was an opportunity to give new life to the park. The decision to use timber in the new buildings was critical to the project's success. Cladding the new buildings in Blackbutt allowed the introduction of new buildings into a sensitive parkland environment to sit comfortably with the heritage timber grandstand and the established and new planting.

The external cladding of the 3 small amenities buildings directly behind the grandstand mirrors its timber weatherboard profile but expressed in a contemporary manner; clear finished weatherboards clad the prismatic buildings with the lower area painted white. The set-out of the boards horizontally on the amenities and vertically on the kiosk was essential to their crisp reading in the park. Clear finish allowed the natural grain of the timber to be seen while the white painted timber alluded to the maritime setting. The nautical theme of white painted timber is continued inside the kiosk whereas clear finished plywood lines the 3 amenities buildings as they have a more utilitarian function as accommodation for the ground staff.
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2011 Entries

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