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Ecovillage 256


Queensland Entries 2011

Eco256 is the designers house located in the Ecovillage in Currumbin Valley and has uninterrupted north facing views down the creek corridor. The design of the house embraces all aspects of passive solar design, as well as utilising best practice for sustainability that the budget allowed for. The Ecovillage is world recognised for promoting design and construction techniques to limit the amount of environmental impact during the lifecycle of each house.

The house is a 2 bedroom + study and a mezzanine office provides a unique home work space. This high-set house is timber frame construction clad with Shadowclad and recycled timber. A green living roof over the carport enabled the first view of the house from the approaching road and public greenway space to be green.

The slate thermal mass is the circulation space which runs the entire length of the house. Angled recycled timber louvre blades on decks and awnings keep out the sun in summer yet offer direct heating in winter. Hydronic heating pipes run through the slate bed for additional heating if required. Fully insulated roof, walls and floors as well as building skirts all help stabalise the temperature of the house in all seasons.

Ventilation is a feature of this home with high level recycled hardwood louvers to each habitable room for upper level cross ventilation and ceiling fans help circulate the air on still nights and low level louvres next to master bed allow for cross ventilation as well.

The recycled timber used was sourced from two local houses and a shed that were due for demolition and 90% of the timber was salvaged from these buildings and became a considerable cost saving for the project.

The recycled timber was used for all deck and carport structures, part of the floor structure, all the joinery throughout the house, screening, stairs, architraves and skirting boards. The flooring and ceilings linings are types of old pine flooring and a mixed hardwood for other areas.

The other environmentally conscious decisions included, E0 Paints throughout, full rain water collection & harvesting, photovoltaic panels, solar hot water, natural gas for the gas appliances and all materials (except tiles) were Australian sourced.
Entered into:
  • Interior Fitout, 2011
  • Residential Class 1, New Buildings (Single family dwellings/townhouses), 2010

2011 Entries

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