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Dundas and Faussett

Chris Connell Design

Victoria Entries 2010

Part of the design brief for Dundas and Faussett was to create a space that would attract both a bar and dining crowd for night-time as well as a cafe and bar venue for the daytime.
The result: the mood is set for day as well as night.
Limed Oak panels line the internal skin of Dundas and Faussett with cut outs to the existing windows which reveal and express the edge and thickness of the timber material. Random sized width boards were also selected adding to the detail. Oak has a beautiful and articulated grain that is ideal for liming, accentuating the figurative elements of the wood.
The bar at Dundas and Faussett is centrally located dividing the space in two, providing the opportunity to create new dining zones.
A long banquette seat accentuates the space which is further enhanced by the linear overhead lighting system. Additionally, more intimate lighting is used. These black spun steel lights drip from the ceiling over bar and table tops.
Recessed linear channels, sliced into the ceiling add length and relief from the flat surface. They further provide a sculptural element to the interior.
Externally, a darker palette has been used. This approach has simplified and framed the focus on the warm and light interior.
Although a simple and restrained palette, on closer examination a high level of detail to materiality has been created, expressing joinery and finishes in an honest and confident approach.
Entered into:
  • Interior Fitout – Commercial (e.g. offices, shops, building foyers, etc), 2010
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