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DPR House

Main Entrance Main Entrance Willem Rethmeier

Marsh Cashman Koolloos Architects

NSW & ACT Entries 2010

Timber & Timber Products


Pine stud and structural framing and Hyspan structural members to roofs and walls.
Due to the complex geometries of the roof and walls timber framing was the most versatile and speedy way to construct.
Structural plywood sheeting for structural bracing and roof linings to take hardwood shake, slate and copper claddings.
The ply linings was the best method to create a flat and even plane upon which to fix the cladding elements, and in conjunction with the applied waterproof membrane provided a weathertight skin to the house.


Australian hardwood shakes to roofing and wall cladding.
An aesthetic decision to address a contextual issue matching shakes present in the local area, which provides texture to the building skin.
Recycled blackbutt flooring, decking and paneling to interior and exterior.
A timber that could be used internally and externally was chosen in order to create a flowing composition and seemless transition between inside and out.

Wood veneers

Blackbutt veneer to feature joinery throughout the house.
To limit the palette of materials in the design a timber veneer that matched the flooring was selected.


Perimeter fencing and feature garden platforms etc are in the recycled blackbutt.


MDF, HMR and plywood carcass framing to all joinery. All timber doors, and some are very large, such as the cavity sliders, are either solid core or box board material to ensure stability and reduce chance of warping.
Entered into:
  • Residential Class 1, New Buildings (Single family dwellings/townhouses), 2010
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