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Coleman Residence

Rear Deck Night Rear Deck Night Patrick Bingham-Hall

iredale pedersen hook architects

WA Entries 2010

The cheese house:

The project is designed as a collection of wedges that respond to the triangular shape of the existing property. Each wedge contains a specific material and function. The primary wedge is constructed from Re-cycled Jarrah and includes decks, fences, seats, stairs, floor boards and wall cladding. This wedge is the backbone of the house holding the various spaces together. It provides privacy to the street and then folds to create a seat, changes to decking, floorboards, stair treads, poolside deck, more seats and eventually clads the exterior walls. It focuses the occupants attention to the rear wall where a site specific art installation by Jurek Wybraniec continues to explore the theme of illusion and distortion of perspective.

The two other primary wedges include Blackbutt (both re-cycled and non-recycled) defining floor surfaces, wall cabinets and built in seats.

The exterior of the building is white and purposely hard and defensive. When this surface is cut a tactile and delicious quality is revealed, this quality is achieved with the use of timber and is primarily reserved for the occupants personal and private enjoyment.
Entered into:
  • Residential Class 1, New Buildings (Single family dwellings/townhouses), 2010
  • Best Use Of Solid Timber Cladding, 2010
  • Best Use Of Timber Flooring, 2010
  • Best Use Of Recycled Timber, 2010
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