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Citriodora street view Citriodora street view Zoe Economides

Seeley Architects Pty Ltd

Victoria Entries 2011

This is a significant house that explores the use of timber and timber products and is so named to celebrate the wonderful stand of mature Lemon scented gums on the property.

The house was designed primarily as a weekend for an energetic couple and their family, so it was important that the house was warm, restful, inviting and robust.

The structure of the house consists of steel and LVL timbers beams, utilises the strength and slender profile of steel for large spans and cantilevers, united with timber roof & floor beams and frame.

Located on the often-harsh Anglesea coastline, the house is exposed to the rugged Bass Strait environment. Consequently, the exterior cladding demanded a resilient and low maintenance solution that would withstand this rigorous coastal environment.

Silvertop Ash gave us the result we sought. Its qualities of weathering slowly into silver driftwood grey reflecting the colour of the trees in the area, enhances the form of the home with the bonus that the timber has a natural resistance to fire.

Slender battens of Silvertop Ash form delicate, yet robust privacy screens that restrict ones view towards the close by, neighbouring houses.

Decks and handrails are NSW Blackbutt, a tough, durable timber that compliments the Silvertop Ash cladding, while wide, rustic grade NSW Blackbutt flooring are featured internally, providing a hard wearing quality with a distinctive ‘coastal’ feel.

Sustainability grown Hoop Pine plywood soffit linings seamlessly integrate through to the interior ceilings, also provides structural bracing to the building.

The ‘polished’ and finely finished elements of the house’s interior; window frames of stained Protim-treated Victorian Ash, Tasmanian Oak and Hoop Pine joinery, compliment the more rugged and robust exterior timber building fabric elements. Completing a house that ‘communicates’ its location, while offering all the qualities of a fabulous beach retreat.
Entered into:
  • Wood Veneers, 2011
  • Timber as a Structural Element, 2011
  • Engineered Timber Products, 2011
  • Solid Timber Cladding, 2011
  • Residential Class 1 New Buildings, 2011
  • Timber Flooring, 2011

2011 Entries

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