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Chapel House

Chapel House Entry Chapel House Entry Andrew Wuttke Photographer

Breathe Architecture

Victoria Entries 2011

Chapel House is a new home for a retired priest and his wife (an ex catholic nun).

The house was designed to let them age in place gracefully, to be their final resting place so to speak.

The floor plane is continuous from footpath, to driveway, to entry, to house, to deck and finally to the rear yard. There are no steps for the elderly couple to negotiate, simply a journey from garden to house.

A building reflective of their ecclesiastical roots, a simple, peaceful building with an echo of aisle, pulpit & belltower.

Class 2 Spotted Gum weatherboards with rhythmic stainless steel fixings provide an external cladding that requires no maintenance.

Class 1 Red Ironbark battens provide shelter from the harsh summer sun and form the decks to front and rear.

Victorian Ash veneer gives warmth to the austere interiors.

As a metaphor for their faith, the timber in this house is eternal, solid, dependable, and above all else it helps carry their load.
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  • Residential Class 1 New Buildings, 2011

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