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Blood Orange

image 1 image 1 Anthony Browell

Catherine Lassen Architecture

NSW & ACT Entries 2010

Timber and its particular material qualities forms key objects in a small and economical shop fit-out. A new dense timber point of sale is a single grounded counterpoint for ethereal elements such as mirrored moveable change rooms and floating clothes around the walls. This important central object is designed to be used from all sides, and to be seen inside and out. It appears compressed, a solid wooden puzzle box containing all customer service elements previously in the former counter almost three times as large. It is also a magic box full of surprises, concentrated and compact but able to open up; wooden panels sliding and popping out to unexpectedly reveal varying product displays, colour or additional folding space.

Made from solid American walnut and the same timber in a two millimeter thick veneer, it is also a metaphor for the shop, a carefully constructed piece of furniture in which each precisely assembled part is made from a particular material with properties that are intrinsic to its appearance, colour, function and long term performance. Each component forms a discrete storage or display element and performs an important distinct function yet collectively they operate in an efficient and simple way.

Timber is additionally employed for its strength in the five-meter long solid American walnut ‘floating’ bench. The element is used for seating as well as display in the shop and its window. Only one joint is made in each of three lengths of 30mm thick wood that span minimal flat steel bar supports. The timber appears solid but floats, surprisingly light and strong. Both the seat and point of sale have an oiled matt finish, giving depth and richness to the surface. They form the significant parts of the shop that, in addition to the clothing, customers typically touch.
Entered into:
  • Best Timber Joinery or Furniture Element, 2010
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