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Bindoon Bakehaus & Cafe

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Fratelle Group

WA Entries 2011

The first commercial development for almost 40 years to be built the small West Australian country town of Bindoon, 1½ hours north of Perth, the completed project is a culmination of ideas, cultures and contextual relationships. The decision to use timber as the most significant material for the project was a decision that was not made lightly. Our Client wanted to create a warm and inviting feel to the development, and reflect the countryside context in which the building was placed, and it was decided that timber would be the perfect material to suit this criteria. It was felt that the colour, texture and natural qualities of timber would be the best material to enhance the baked goods that are sold on the premises. This was carried through into the fitout of the bakery and display areas as well.

Keeping construction costs down with the added dilemma of transporting materials was a major hurdle of the project. We utilised many pre-fabricated elements, such as the timber trusses in the roof to both keep down construction costs and reduce the overall construction period of the project. The lightweight curved trusses were very successful, could be installed efficiently and created a unique form to the roof that other roof structures would not be able to provide.

The use of timber was also used extensively on both the exterior and interior of the building. The Glosswood Western Australia Blackbutt prefinished lining creates a striking entry statement to the building, and is used as a landmark feature to attract all driving down the main street of the town to enter the building.

Marine grade Plywood, with an expressed edge lines both the external alfresco area and continues into the building itself, allowing for a continuity of finish and helping to bring the outside in. The large format raking panels of the Plywood ceiling and the laminated Oregon exposed trusses help to create a sense of scale within the cavernous interior. The deeply coloured Dark Meranti timber door and window frames play nicely off the blondeness of the Ply and the lightness of the Oregon finish.

The use of timber was also carried into the cabinetry and display areas. Timber veneers of sandalwood were mixed with timber look laminates to provide a depth of texture and colour variation throughout the bread displays. The selections have successfully enhanced the overall appearance of the baked goods, with the company now claiming a massive increase in profit since moving into their new premises.
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2011 Entries

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