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Banyula Park

Banyula Park Banyula Park

Envisage Design Group

Victoria Entries 2010

The use of timber is the key element in this design. The renovation draws from the surrounding bushland to accentuate the visual connection between the interior and exterior spaces. The use of simple vernacular style architectural forms and materials was vital to blend with the setting. The site is adjacent to the Banyule State forest and the local area is very strongly associated with the red gum milling industry in the early part of the 20th century, thus there is strong use of this timber throughout the residence.

The design of this addition has transformed the rear of the existing house into a light, multi functional space. The style of the house has moved away from a suburban brick dwelling to a residence that sits well in the context of the old township. The addition has ‘brought to life’ the rear of the house, flooding it with light and allowing a strong visual connection with the outdoor pool area.

Various species of timber are used throughout the residence both internally and externally. Murray Pine was used for all internal flooring. Cedar frames the windows both internally and externally. Laminated Oregon Beams compliment the corrugated interior ceiling lining. Stunning recycled power poles are used for the internal structural beams, a nod to the owner’s family heritage in the electrical industry. There is a strong use of pine throughout the renovation including the internal architraves and skirting and the external framing. Beautiful new merbau is used in contrast to the aqua tones of the pool and complimented by striking recycled red gum is used for the pool fencing.
Entered into:
  • Residential Class 1, Best Renovation (Single family dwellings/townhouses), 2010
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