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Australian War Memorial - Eastern Precinct Development

Australian War Memorial - Eastern Precinct Development Steve Burton


NSW & ACT Entries 2010

The timeless nature of the design relies upon the use of simple elements and a direct expression of its construction. This design approach of revealing beauty through craft required a holistic approach to setout and dimensional control. It required an understanding of working across the larger scaled site elements to the finer tolerances of the timber joinery work.

The conceptual idea is of a simple timber box within a concrete frame. The highly transparent pavilion blurs the boundary between inside and outside with the timber box housing the kitchen and other facilities.

The timber in the building is recycled grey ironbark, used inside and out for its textural quality and robustness for use in public spaces. The colour variation adds warmth to the space and contrasts well with the concrete. The matt oil finish brings out the grain of the ironbark and assists even ageing inside and outside.

Extensive prototyping to test a range of construction methods, details and systems allowed for refinement prior to the main installation. Timber elements prototyped included the timber wall modules, corners and ceiling batten elements.

The signage is integrated into the T&G timber clad walls using specially routed pieces. The timber batten ceiling forms a threshold to the outside and is an integral part of the passive cooling system where the cool air passes above the entry doors. The timber screen adjacent to the cafeteria servery helps to divide the space and assists queuing at the servery.

The benches around the memorial courtyard are crafted from Tallowwood and Wondabyne sandstone, befitting the significance of the site. Tallowwood has a rich history of outdoor use in the Australian landscape and has been pre-weathered to minimise tannin staining to the sandstone.
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