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Victoria Entries 2010

The project used a range of Australian hardwoods in various applications throughout the project to represent the intrinsically Australian and down-to-earth qualities of our iconic client and their brand. To materialise our client's unique offer that they touch every part of Australia every day; each working floor represented one of Australia’s distinctive backyards - CBD, Metro or Regional. The essence of the backyard was focused to the collaborative & breakouts space at the centre of the floor plate and hardwood timber was a major material used to capture this essence through the type of timber selected and the detailing used. The CBD scheme lives the city culture of Melbourne utilising dark timbers, specifically the darker recycled western spotted gum combined with patterned mosaics, black and white patterns & hints of bluestone paving. The metro scheme is the inner city and suburban backyard. The detailing of tables and pergola like portico structure has an outdoor terrace quality, using coastal spotted gum timbers, textured fabrics in landscape greens and sunburnt colours. The regional scheme is based on country retreats, wineries and memories of beach holidays. The detailing is domestic and casual, sometimes whimsical, fresh coloured with reconstituted OSB board alongside floral patterns.

Beyond these collaborative spaces, common spaces to each working floor including arrival points, touchdown work areas, utilities & planter boxes were all constructed as furniture pieces or as clad modular elements using the Victorian hardwood, Sugargum. Sugargum was selected for its golden tan colour and its desirable grain & texture. Its hardness & durability were attractive characteristics for these high traffic areas and particularly for its use on the intertenancy stairs.

The client floor was conceptually designed as the ‘global’ floor to represent the future of the clients brand, culture and aspiration. This movement was expressed through the angled ashlar pattern paneling using certified European Walnut veneered paneling in combination with laser cut veneered paneling and was repeated in the ceiling coves of the auditorium and multifunction space.
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  • Best Use Of Wood Veneers, 2010
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