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Affordable Housing Mansfield Park for James Brown Memorial Trust

Chapman Road Elevation Chapman Road Elevation Photographer: Denys Finney

Flightpath Architects

SA Entries 2010

Flightpath have designed twenty new single bedroom dwellings and landscaping to replace fifteen outdated flats at Mansfield Park for the James Brown Memorial Trust.

The design is context driven, using orthogonal building groupings of detached dwelling scale and form with typical garden setbacks reflective of the neighbourhood. A central courtyard provides shelter and privacy for occupants.

Reverse brick veneer external walls with horizontal galvanised custom orb cladding above a brick plinth provide consistent internal temperatures. Internal wall leaves are constructed using pinus radiata studwork.

Traditional timber trussed hipped roofing with galvanised custom orb cladding is used and mounted with photovoltaic cells and solar hot water services.
As the party walls extended to the underside of the roof, all roof trusses were required to be manufactured in quarter spans and abut the walls.
This meant the roof framing was not continuous over the whole roof and therefore much care was needed during erection to ensure that the roof cladding was aligned on an even and level plane to avoid noticeable ridges at party wall locations.

Village harvested kwila is used extensively throughout the development including all door and window framing, fascias, privacy screens and shade structures.
The timber was selected based on it’s sustainable method of harvesting, durability and aesthetic qualities.
All kwila used in the development is finished in a clear water based acrylic electrometric membrane.

The landscape design adopts the strong geometry of the built form and incorporates paving materials, pebbled swales and native species for low water usage and maintenance. Stormwater is detained on site and harvested.

The project is an important demonstration of affordable housing with an aesthetic founded in context, simplicity, repetition of components, sustainability and innovative use of low cost materials.

The project, delivered on time and budget, provides an affordable housing outcome, suited to client expectations and user needs and enhances the character of Mansfield Park.
Entered into:
  • Residential Class 1, New Buildings (Single family dwellings/townhouses), 2010
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