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AECOM Brisbane Workplace

AECOM Brisbane Workplace Christopher Frederick Jones

BVN Architecture

Queensland Entries 2011

This project represents the design opportunities and outcomes that were created in partnership with the client and maximum user consultation in order to create a unique place proudly owned by the employees.

The design cuts large voids through the existing building to create a unifying space over the five levels of the tenancy. An interconnecting stair links all levels through these voids to create a dynamic common space and provide a sense of connectivity and transparency. A communal rather than territorial approach to the arrangement of purpose-specific spaces ensured that for every business function there is an appropriate environment to support it, providing an intelligent environment that bridges the boundary between ‘design’ and the strategic objectives of the business. The execution of the meeting spaces, consolidated support facilities, social gathering and creative spaces and open plan work environments provides opportunities and choices for new ways of work, interact and communicate.

For this project, it was critical that the client’s commitment to sustainability was demonstrated in the workplace. The design team focused holistically on supporting the initiatives of the client’s green office policy as well as using sustainable building methods and materials as best practice in an effort to avoid a tick box approach with Greenstar. Whilst it was a Greenstar project (targeting Australian Excellence – 5 Stars), the point scoring was an outcome of the projects sustainable objectives, not a driver for the design. Timber features heavily in the fitout in the floors, stairs and balustrades, batten screens and ceilings as well as joinery and the pergola, all of which is 100% post consumer recycled Australian Blackbutt. Acting as a connecting ribbon that links all five floors, the use of timber was embedded to a degree that appropriately reflects the organisation’s sense of environmental responsibility.
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  • Interior Fitout, 2011

2011 Entries

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