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Adelaide Zoo Entry Precinct

Giant Timber Screen Giant Timber Screen Peter Bennetts


SA Entries 2010

Winner of The Best Western Region (SA & WA) Award, 2010

The Adelaide Zoo Entrance Precinct breathes new life into a once-neglected part of the City of Adelaide in Australia. The result of an ambitious integration of physical, cultural and organisational strategies, the Adelaide Zoo Entrance Precinct was designed around the core drivers of conservation, environment, education, and research. From a conceptual level to the detailed, the Precinct achieves an integration of urban design, landscape and architecture.

Landscape and built form for the project have been considered as a single interwoven environment to create a unique Australian civic space. The external colour palette and materials for the precinct reflect the Australian landscape incorporating charcoal, spotted gum timber and native plants.

Timber has been used extensively as exterior cladding to create a monumentally proportioned robustly detailed spotted gum ‘wall of bars’. Functionally the screen is a shading element, while alluding to traditional enclosure typologies of Zoo design. The operable and screened facades are fully integrated into the design and veils an Administration and Conference centre; yielding partially through giant sliding doors to reveal the Entry, Ticketing and Retail functions.

Materials used are primarily in their natural form and sustainable sourced timer and is used both internally and externally. Internally timber finishes are spotted gum cladding, window and door framing as well as decorative veneers.

Australian hardwood timber was selected it’s durability, recyclability and amount of energy used to manufacture. Spotted Gum has been selected from sustainable managed sources.
Entered into:
  • Best Use Of Australian Certified Timber, 2010
  • Public or Commercial Buildings, 2010
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