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13th House

13 house hero 13 house hero David Seeley

Seeley Architects P/L

Victoria Entries 2010

Winner of The Solid Timber Cladding Award, 2010

The 13th House is a major exploration of timber and timber products.

From the major structural components to the cladding, exterior screens, interior linings and flooring, timber has been utilised.

The major structural elements of the dwelling feature open web timber trusses for upper floor and roof construction allowing services to easily pass through the structure without impediment. The strength and trueness of the trusses helped make the construction process easier than it may otherwise have been.

The dwelling adjoins a golf course and is within a good ‘3 wood’ drive from the southern ocean, consequently the exterior cladding demanded a resilient and low maintenance solution that would withstand the rigorous coastal environment.

The timber chosen: Silvertop Ash gave us the result we sought, weathering slowly to silvery driftwood grey, as well providing subtle textural variations, enhancing the monolithic forms of the home. The same timber cladding meanders inside to clad a wall concealing doors serving the lower level bedrooms and bathroom, allowing the inside of the home to masquerade as part of the outside.

Due to the house’s location (it is exposed on 3 sides to public view), privacy was a key requirement for our clients. Continuing the timber characteristics of the home, we designed massive hinged steel framed, timber battened screens that provide shading to the interior, while screening the occupants from the gaze of passers by. The resultant shadows cast by the screens and the textural elements they provide, assist in giving the home detail, ambiguity and intrigue.

Hoop pine ply ceilings, wide blackbutt flooring and decking used as an internal floor finish, all contribute to identifying the house as belonging to the coast, while providing a warm and entirely livable environment for our fortunate clients.
Entered into:
  • Best Use Of Recycled Timber, 2010
  • Best Use Of Australian Certified Timber, 2010
  • Best Use Of Timber Panels, 2010
  • Best Use Of Timber Flooring, 2010
  • Best Use Of Solid Timber Cladding, 2010
  • Residential Class 1, New Buildings (Single family dwellings/townhouses), 2010
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